Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Cry For Help

On March 24th, 2000 a cry for help goes out, but will anyone hear the call, and answer? The cry went out from a fish that most of mankind views as a monster, the great white shark. A group known as White Shark Adventures, was out at sea when they videotaped a great white shark swimming around their boat. The shark had a noose of nylon netting around her body and behind the gills. The netting was pulled so tight that it was cutting into the shark's flesh.
The great white was not capable of feeding, since it would be difficult to swallow with the net closing the shark's throat. The shark would die of hunger, if the noose was not cut off. It came up to the boat and appeared to be begging the group to remove it's burden, but at the time. White Shark Adventures could not do anything to help the great white. They had no choice but to leave and head back to port.

On March 27th, 2000 White shark Adventures was back at sea. The very same great white was back at their boat, asking them one more time to help remove the fish net from around it's neck. The group was able to cut the nylon noose off of the shark. Freed of it's burden, the shark swam off and has not been seen since. The shark came to humans looking for help, not to eat them. Thankfully, this group answered the cry for help, but would most people help a fish that has been vilified as a man-eater? Sadly enough, most wouldn't.

Sharks have been given a reputation as evil monsters who attack humans when in fact they are truly magnificent, misunderstood, mysterious fish that we can learn from. If we stop and take the time to learn, the shark is worth the effort. This event could have ended in a tragedy, the shark dying from hunger, but thanks to some people who cared, the shark swam away free from the man-made noose around it's neck. A happy ending for the great white and mankind.

Remember..........EXTINCTION IS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!


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