Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Struggle Under The Sea

Off the Island of Hawaii, a 7 foot tiger shark fights to stay alive, while trapped in a net struggling for each breath it takes, to keep the water pumping over it's gills. The shark wanting nothing more than to free it's self and swim away.

For most people, this poor creature's plight wouldn't matter. In fact, they would say good. It's nothing but a man eating shark. What's one more dead shark going to hurt. They keep us from swimming in "our" ocean and when we step in it, they bite us.

A Hawaiian lifeguard saw things differently. He felt for this helpless fish left to die a slow death in a man-made net. He didn't want this shark to die for no reason. He swam down to where the creature was struggling and cut the shark free. The shark swam away off into the ocean.

The shark won the battle with man this time. Unfortunately, it won't be it's last encounter with humans, next time the shark might not be so lucky.

The lifeguard did a good thing, but the people on the island didn't see it that way. They were upset that he didn't just let the shark die. We NEED more people like the lifeguard, who see a creature in need of assistance, with out thinking twice about what kind of animal it is, and helps because the help is needed. We all have an obligation to be good stewards of the earth.

Remember....... Extinciton Is Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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