Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Great white

The Great white shark is a unique fish that not only brings beauty to the ocean, but also has a Herculean task to perform, maintaining the balance in the ocean's food chain. It is the landlord of the sea, set apart from the other inhabitants; by it's shape and size.

The robust, torpedo-shaped body and conical snout give the Great white a distinguished look. The two-tone color of this shark gives the perfect camouflage for hunting. the snow-like stomach is carefully hidden by the gunmetal grey of the shark's upper body. It's prey cannot see this cunning predator when it cruises the ocean's floor below.

There is no mistaking the splendor of this striking animal. You can see the agility of the silver warrior as it glides through the open ocean, moving it's enormous body through the water with such ease. It is like watching poetry in motion that flows together perfectly.

The awesome power of this shark is displayed in the devastating blow it deals it's prey. Rocky Strong, a marine biologist, who works with sharks, has said of the Great white, "It shoots first and asks questions later."

It looks slow and bulky and yet when it has to, the Great white can turn on a dime as it leaps out of the water with great speeds and velocity. There is no mistaking this intelligent predator knows how to use it's size and bulk to the best advantage.

It was once thought that the Great white ate people by choice. Research has prove this to be a myth. These "attacks" are accidents. A photographer once said after an "attack", "Obviously, the shark did not want to eat him. It bit down, had a taste and let go. It knew this wasn't its normal prey."

If the shark could express how it feels, it would sound similar to, "I am very misunderstood by mankind. They think I am out to eat them on purpose. What they do not understand is that I do not like the taste of humans. They are bitten by mistake, as soon as I realize they are not a sea lion, I spit them back out and swim away.

The Great white is just an animal trying to survive in this world. It has a place in nature and a job to do. Jean-Michael Cousteau has said "It is their realm, not ours".

The Great white needs respect from mankind. We, as humans need to realize that if we completely kill off this shark, there will be repercussions that cannot be imagined. The sea lion population would boom out of control. This would then create a mass shortage in the fish population. The chain reaction would continue on and on.

the removal of an apex predator from the marine ecosystem would throw everything out of balance. Man will not remain untouched if this series of events gets set into motion. Nature is a gift, not a right, and should be treated as such.

Remember........Extinction is forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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